ESO News:The Elder Scrolls Online Clockwork City and Update 16 Preview

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Now that the Horns of the Reach DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online is released, we get a preview of the next content update for Bethesda's MMO - Clockwork City. The DLC will add a new zone, quest line, and Trial to the game, allowing you to explore a mechanical wonderland and uncover a devious Daedric conspiracy. And the coinciding Update 16, a free update for the base game, will be aimed at improving the game's performance, tweaking the balance, and adding new PvP and PvE features. A bit more on that:






In the Clockwork City DLC game pack, you can enter Sotha Sil's legendary creation and explore his mysterious mechanical world. Previously, you might have experienced a small part of the Clockwork City in The Elder Scrolls Online chapter update, ESO: Morrowind, or had visited the mechanical realm 700 years in the future in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. However, with this new DLC game pack, you'll be able to explore it like never before.

As you travel this new zone, you'll discover a strange and unique environment where the buildings, creatures, and even some of the inhabitants are complex mechanical constructs. Central to this new zone is the Brass Fortress, your primary hub location. There, you'll find merchants, crafting stations, and important NPCs. While the Brass Fortress might be relatively safe for travelers, as you venture beyond its walls, you'll find yourself in constant peril thanks to wild Fabricants and other dangers. The mechanical constructs of Sotha Sil are rarely hospitable to mortals!

In addition to exploration, there are many challenges for brave adventurers. You'll find two menacing World Bosses to defeat, two mysterious Delves to explore, a new Trial to conquer, and a host of standalone and daily quests that will reward you with new and unique set items, Motif Chapters, collectibles, and more!


A shadowy conflict between Daedric Princes is unfolding in Oblivion, and just as you might have found in ESO: Morrowind and the Orsinium DLC game pack, Clockwork City will continue to offer you glimpses into this intrigue on other planes.

In this new adventure, you can experience an all-new, stand-alone story (similar in size to the main quest lines found in the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild DLC game packs) that will see you travel to the heart of the mechanical realm.

In ESO: Morrowind, you were introduced to the living god Vivec and his struggles against an unknown assailant. This time, it's his fellow Tribune Sotha Sil who finds himself beset by an unknown threat. It's up to you to join the ancient Telvanni sorcerer Divayth Fyr, track down a powerful artifact, and expose a Daedric conspiracy that could forever change the nature of the Clockwork City, the Tribunal, and Tamriel itself.


Included with the Clockwork City DLC game pack will be a free base game update that everybody can enjoy. Update 16 will include numerous fixes, balance changes, performance improvements, Xbox One X support, and additions such as a Trait Tracker system that will allow you to see whether or not you've researched the unique trait on an item.

Finally, the base game update will also include a new Battlegrounds game type for ESO: Morrowind owners: Crazy King! In Crazy King, your team must seize a capture point location that jumps randomly around the map. We'll be sharing more about this exciting new PvP mode in the near future, so look out for more details soon.


RS NEWS : Lil Peep Reveals a Deep Love of Runescape

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Polarising rapper Lil Peep – loved and derided in equal measure for his fusion of 00′s emo and hip-hop — has spoken about his most enjoyed memes and a slightly surprising love of the cult classic online RPG Runescape in his latest interview. Speaking to Dazed, he also expanded on his favorite cat videos and other rare internet-famous media.




Speaking on Runescape:

“Something people wouldn’t expect me to do is I play this computer game called Runescape. I’ve played Runescape since forever. Since I was like, six. It is still one of my favourite games ever. Even though it’s gotten progressively a lot worse, just like everything else has over time, right? I mean videogame-wise. Certain stuff used to be really hard to get and really rare or whatever and they just made a ton of everything so all the value of everything decreased. Now it’s like way easier to get way further quicker. Normally it took you like a year or at least a few months to be really good and now you can do it in a week. I like RPGs. Runescape you could do the same thing as Club Penguin except you could kill dragons and stuff like that. I’ve made real money off Runescape by selling osrs money, too. It’s crazy. People will really buy a fake hat that doesn’t exist in real life.


The first time I got on Runescape in like, a few years, was like probably a year ago now. It’s just because I was on a bunch of ketamine and I was like, ‘okay, what should I do right now?’ And I was like, ‘I remember that game Runescape. That’s probably going to be weird. Everything is going to be weird as shit. Let’s do it’. So yeah. Runescape on ketamine. It was harder. Ketamine will make everything more difficult in life besides doing nothing at all.”